Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Lucas, how I hate you

So, I was thinking to myself, man, a quiet weekend (Iron man 2 awaits next weekend) nothing to rant about. Then, monday came and I'm thinking shit, still nothing. But, good old George Lucas never lets me down. I'm on wookiepedia (The most commonly visited site on my browser history 9/10 weeks) and notice that one of the recently updated pages is Boba Fett. Now, I've never been one of those huge Fett fanboys, no so called "Fandalorian", but lets face it, Fett is highly bad-ass and Karen Traviss's portrayal of him in the Legacy of the Force series was phenomenal. I loved the set up with him mentoring Jaina, and the growth of his character alongside Bevin and Mirta. That drew me in. Now, if you're not familiar with the whole Lucas-arts mess that cause Karen Traviss to quit writing for star wars, look it up, email me and i'll explain, etc. Suffice to say GL has decided that through the travesty that is the Clone Wars tv show, Lucas has destroyed something his fans held dear, once again. Though you'd think we'd be used to it by now.
I was excited by the prospect of the clone wars tv show. Until I saw it and realized what a giant steaming infantile piece of shit it was. It could have been SOOOOOO good. But no. Its a crappy kids tv sci-fi show that sadly has a star wars license. Apparently, it also has a license to shit all over the continuity that Lucasarts has allowed to pass over the years as well. See also the Mandalorian incident.
So now, in an attempt to help their ratings, Lucas brought in Boba Fett for the season finale arc of the series. Boba Fett hires Aurra Sing through Dooku to help him get his revenge on Mace Windu. Seems a logical thing. Except for the already existing storyline wherein Fett and Sing HATE EACH OTHER. Oh yea, then he recruits other Bounty Hunters, which includes Bossk. You know, Trandoshan guy, great Bounty Hunter. Smart idea, right? Wrong. Boba Fett is numero dos on Bossks hate list behind the late Chewbacca. Ok, I know that they're young and might not hate yet, but I still would have left him out of this. Most of the kids watching the clone wars have no idea who Bossk is anyhow.
Then, later in the story, Sing takes a prisoner, which is right in line with her character. She's a dark side bitch. She's ruthless, uncompromising, and depriving her republic prisoner of food. And Fett turns soft and helps the guy! He's on a quest to kill the Jedi battlemaster, but he's gonna spare a repbulic admiral who's death he KNOWS (and sing reminds him of this) will bring a jedi army to find the killers, and the nearest Jedi general is WINDU!
Fett is not warm and fuzzy. The Mandalorians are not pacifists. This NEEDS TO END.

Now, I know, this is GL's playground, they're his toys, he can do what he wants. Except for one little thing. Over the course of the years since Zahn wowed us with the Thrawn trilogy the EU has become something of a wonder. To maintain control, Lucas licensing has held power of approval over all storylines. This is especially true since the switch in publishers. But now, GL is shitting all over the continuities HE APPROVED to put out this shit kids show. Its terrible, and it needs to end. Everytime something like this happens, I lose another notch of excitement for the upcoming live action show, because I just know that its going to end terribly. And begin terribly for that matter.
That being said, I love the direction the EU is going right now with the Fate of the Jedi series and the Legacy era comics. Please, please GL, don't fuck this up anymore.
Signed, all your fans.
Thats my rant, thats my rave.

Now, having just said that I like where the EU is going, I'm currently reading Millenium Falcon (the novel) and we'll see how that ties in. Its a related stand-alone between two coordinated cycles. We'll see how that ends.

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