Thursday, May 6, 2010

What to be angry about today?

Ok, don't actually have anything nerd related to rant about today. But I've got a nice political rant lined up. If you havent heard, google it and look it up because if I go find the link now I'll have to re-read it and then I'll end up Hulking out here, and well, I want to avoid that in public. But here's the gist:
Five students in a bay-area high school (San Fran) were asked to leave school or face suspension yesterday because they committed the horrible atrocity of wearing American Flag t-shirts to school. Read that again. American high-school students sent home and threatened with disciplinary action for wearing t-shirts which displayed the flag of their nation, and their pride in that nation wherein they live. Now, the "reasoning" behind this is because it was Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday. So, because they wore American Flag t-shirts on a Mexican holiday, they were asked to leave or told they'd be forced to leave if they didnt. If your blood pressure hasn't shot through the god-damn roof reading this yet, check your pulse, I think you're dead. This is the biggest god-damn pile of steaming horse shit I've ever fucking heard. This is AMERICA. Freedom of expression. Look it up. These students were asked to go home for displaying pride in their nation on a mexican holiday, IN THE UNITED STATES!
For fucks sake, this has gone too far. The administrators and teachers who are behind this should be taken out of the schools and never allowed near one again. This is America. Freedom of expression is one of the key tenets of this country. Obviously, these jackasses dont know that, and therefore, should be denied the chance to butcher the education of children any farther.
Veins are pulsing, and the skins taking on a bit of a greenish hue. Think its time to stop. Till next time. I hope to be seeing Iron Man 2 this weekend. God willing, I won't have a terrible review to right up about it. Fingers crossed


  1. Official from the Board of Ed in that district is that it's under investigation. Still agree with you though... it's bs. And it's quite unusual for me to agree with you on a political point!

  2. This isn't political. Its just horse shit