Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Questions abound

So, I'm sure that if anyone is actually reading this, that person is most likely wondering a few things. Let me see if I can help.

1) Why now?
2) Why start with Kick Ass?
3) Why are you angry?
4) What do you consider a justifiable change?
5) But I loved that movie/book/comic/etc, how can you hate it?
That should do it for now.

1) Because yesterday, on Star Wars day, aka May the Fourth, I realized I hadnt had a good nerd rant in a while. Not since a lengthy discussion on the state of marvel comics with Bill at the bar a few weeks ago. (Yes, I said lengthy discussion, marvel comics, and bar in the same sentance). Today, while mowing the lawn, I started thinking about how much the movie adaptation of Kick Ass annoyed me. Which leads us to #2

2) Because I just saw it, its recent, and when I came up with this idea, I was looking for something to start with (and really hoping it wouldn't end up being Iron Man 2). Also, as mentioned above, I wrote the rant in my head during the most boring downtime known to man, lawn-mowing time. Oh, and ya know, cause it SUCKED.

3) I'm a fan, which as we all know, is derived from fanatic. I'm passionate about the things I like/love/nerdily-obsess over, and it bothers me to no end when things are changed for no reason whatsover, and it changes the story/character. Like Greedo shooting first in the special edition. Wait, that brings me into the next question.

4) A justified change when taking a project from novel or comic to big screen is something that doesnt screw the story, keeps the characters personas intact, and generally works well. Like making it Manhattan's energies in Watchmen, instead of the Giant Monster, cause well, that would have taken another hour plus to explain and people* would have lost interest in the movie. Thats a good change. Or leaving out the troubles of the Shire at the end of ROTK, because again, another hour of movie required. Unjustifiable is easy to explain. Like the aforementioned unforgiveable Greedo shooting first. Totally changes the character of Han Solo. Sadly, not the worst thing GL's ever done to his fans. (Yes, I'm talking about Jar-Jar) Another mortal sin is exhibited in Spiderman 3. Changing the iconic Goblin bridge scene in Spidey 1 worked well. In this universe, no Gwen Stacey. Thats fine. But then for the love of Odin don't suddenly insert her two sequels later as a totally different character!!

5) Easily. You liked something I didnt? Well good for you. This is my blog. Go write your opinions on your own blog. Don't like my opinions? Please respond, I'm always up for intelligent response/debate. Have no intelligent response/debate (or intelligence of any kind), get lost. There are a billion other blogs online NOT written by me, go check them out. Live long and prosper, or at least enjoy life till Darwinism catches up with you.

Anything else you feel a burning need to know, email me.
Thats my rant, thats my rave, goodnight all.

*By people here, I mean most people. Not me. I'm the guy who watched all three extended LOTR films in a row, and all six Star Wars in a marathon which included the midnight premiere of Ep III

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