Friday, May 14, 2010

Suprise. I'm not angry

So, as hyped for a week, I finally saw Iron Man 2. It was very, very well done. I've been analyzing for a while now, and can't really think of anything. As in the first, Robert Downey Jr. personified the character so well. Don Cheadle was good as Rhodey, and while I'm upset about the cast change, its not Cheadle's fault, so I wont blame him. I loved the use of Nick Fury, the Black Widow (as a SHIELD agent) and Justin Hammer. Also, the post-credit sequence was a well played teaser for the next Marvel movie to be released, THOR. The cameo of Cap's shield was great too, reminding me how excited I am for a Cap movie, but how peeved I am that its Chris Evans....Anyway, moving on now.

One thing I am curious about is that they seemed to play down the role Stark will have with the Avengers initiative. Now, Iron Man is, despite my thought to the contrary (I wasn't a big Marvel guy outside Spidey and the X-Men for a long time, a founding member. So I'm curious to see if they remedy this in the next Iron Man movie or the Avengers movie, or if this is a budgetary thing about Downey Jr. It remains to be seen. It will be tough for the Avengers to avoid the trap of the X-Men movies, too many stars to pay high salaries to for a sustainable franchise.

That all said, I'm not angry. Great movie. Go see it. Hell, call me, I'll see it again.

OH! One thing. How is it that in twenty minutes of footage at the Worlds Fair Grounds in Flushing I didn't see Citi Field in the background ONCE. I saw the tennis stadium, but not Citi Field (or Shea depending on when they filmed it, could have been both).

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